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Installation Guide :
I am just a student, a amateur dotnetnuke developer... So I am sorry for this inconvenient...

  • Install this module like install a dotnetnuke muodule
  • After installing module, go to dotnetnuke folder

Ex : C:\DotNetNuke Sites\dnn\

  • Go to \DesktopModules\Cafeteria

Ex : C:\DotNetNuke Sites\dnn\DesktopModules\Cafeteria

  • Open 2 file : EditCafeteria.ascx and ViewCafeteria.ascx with notepad. Find this link : C:\DotNetNuke Sites\dnn\App_Data and replace this link with the right link of your computer/server

Ex :

Before : C:\DotNetNuke Sites\dnn\App_Data

After : E:\dnnwebsite\App_Data

Both 2 file EditCafeteria.ascx and ViewCafeteria.ascx have 8 locations to replace. So you have to replace 8 times.

  • After finishing, you can go to your website and use this module.

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